Zloslut (Serbia)


No need for any detailed intro – Zloslut is among the best black metal bands in Serbia. Interview with their leader Utvara was done in September 2015.

1. Regards Utvara, how are you these days? What are your current activities?

Everything is going pretty good so far… Apart from Zloslut activities, there is work and all that goes with everyday life.

2. Let’s start this chat and talk about your steps that would later lead to band Zloslut. Could you tell us a little bit about bands that you were involved in before you formed Zloslut? When did Zloslut come as an idea?

The only bands I was involved before and that are still active today are Paimonia, Stonecrypt and Kolac, and of course those “small projects” that didn’t lived long enough to be mentioned today.

Zloslut came to my mind the day I realized that I hardly collaborate with people when music is in question. All the bands I was before Zloslut, it finished more often as I would be kicked out, or that I would just go away… And there was a fact back then, I just didn’t know the people who would be by my side to play my compositions. I was young and had another perspective of how things should be, we evolve everyday in good and bad aspects. But I regret nothing, and can be only joyful.

3. For non-Serbian speaking readers, what does Zloslut mean? How did you come up for such name of the band?

Zloslut is a Serbian word that means “feeling forthcoming evil”, English word should be something as “Ominous”. It represents Zloslut in all form, musical, visual…

4. At the beginning Zloslut was one-man band, but now I see full line up on some of your latest live rituals. Who is now playing with you?  Are they full time members or just session musicians hired only for live rituals? Also somewhere, I read that you don’t plan to involve musicians into process of making songs. Could you explain that?

Zloslut live session members are B.V (from Paimonia) on lead guitar, Inomatanas (ex. member of Triumfall) on bass and Lord Gryma (also ex. member of Triumfall) on drums. Lord Gryma was a full time member several years ago, he also recorded drums for the forthcoming album “U Transu Sa Nepoznatim Siluetama”. I have finally met people that are devoted to the art of dark music, same as I am. For now, they are live session members, although there has been a conversation that Zloslut might become a band. As the leader of the coven, I have to think about that idea very carefully, but at least I know that I’m in a great entourage, and that together Zloslut is only stronger.

5. Your new album “U Transu Sa Nepoznatim Siluetama” will be (probably) released before I finish work with this issue of fanzine. So, since I haven’t heard it yet, could you present us your newest effort? How this album differs from your previous releases?

It is more mature, as every release should be from its previous! I have also tried some new methods of recording, Nemanja Krneta (a.k.a. Zlorog) was again behind the mix table, he have done a great work, as he did in the past on the EP “Pustoš I Prevare Izgubljenih Duša”. Lyrically it is the best texts I have written so far, and they mean so much to me. Musically, everything that I wanted is there. I am more then happy and proud of the outcome.


6. Could you explain us the title of the record? Does it have some hidden meaning? What does it refer to?

Translation in English is “In trance with the unknown silhouettes”. An album have three main aspects, musical, lyrical and visual, all of them are linked together as one. There is not a specific hidden meaning, the album itself represent the journey of a tormented soul that found peace inside by travelling through a dark primitive ritual that glorify only death, in every way.

7. Your lyrics are written in Serbian, English and French language. How do you decide which language are you going to use to express your feelings and thoughts?

– I don’t decide about that, it comes when I start to write some lyrics, and after some time I think that I could actually use that in some of my songs. And that’s when the magic happens.

8. Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics? When I read your lyrics, some famous writers such as Baudelaire, Edgar Alan Poe or Vladislav Petkovic Dis are coming into my mind. What do you read in your free time? What literature is close to you?

The ones you mentioned are definitely on my shelf. Poetry affects me the most, but I also love French literature, books that deal with occult and mystic themes, philosophy, history, and many more.

9. Since we are talking about your lyrical influences, tell us also about your musical one? Which bands are you listening to?

Oh, this can be the answer with no end, since every day I got the chance to discover something new via the internet, although I am still loyal to the physical releases.

Black metal is on the top of course, it is with that genre that I felt the best musical and spiritual connections, but also with doom and old school death metal. Some names: Judas Iscariot, Burzum, Katharsis, Hour Of 13, Urfaust, Peste Noire, Sargeist, Reverend Bizarre, The Devil’s Blood, of course pioneers such as Iron Maiden are more then worth mentioning, without them I wouldn’t write here right now. But also non-metal music as Dead Can Dance, Philip Glass, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Death In June, Nick Cave. It is important to have no limits in music.


10. What is perfect background for live rituals of Zloslut? Is it some open air space (like on Darkness rising festival in place near Belgrade) or some small club for limited number of people?

I cannot tell right now, since I personally had only one open-air show, it was with Zloslut at the Darkness Rising. But as a visitor, I prefer clubs, the ambient is much more intense than outdoor.

11. On your live rituals you are using nooses, candles etc. What kind of message are you trying to deliver with all that stuff?

Material ornaments that follows our music and lyrics, and can be complete as one on the live rituals to celebrate our name and our goals.

12. You were running small label named Silent Scream records, which had couple of releases, and then you created another label named Dark Chant productions. What’s going on with SSR and Dark Chant?

Silent Scream Records is dead for several years now after an argue I had with the person with who I shared that name. Dark Chants Productions is more then alive now, lot of things going on as releases and gigs.

13. What are your next steps regarding Zloslut? What can we expect from your band in the future?

Our second album to come out in the late October/early November, as well as some shows planned in Serbia for now. We are also in the booking process of some live rituals outside of Serbia. More news to follow soon.

14. Utvara, thanks a lot for your time. I wish you all the best with Zloslut. Any message for the end.

Expect dark chants of death!

Website: http://www.zloslut.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zloslut
Bandcamp: https://zloslut.bandcamp.com/
Band photo made by: Milan Licina