Wolf’s Hunger (Serbia)


1. Regards, guys, first of all congratulations on your new record “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi”. We were waiting for this for too long but it was worth of it. It represents few steps forward in your music. How are you satisfied with reactions of fans and media? How did the process of the album recording go?

Regards bro, thanks a lot for your impressions! Well, it all started in 2015. We figured out there is no point sitting and waiting, we have either to make new record or to quit. In autumn 2015.we entered into studio Piknik and started making new record. Throughout the whole process of recording we had many troubles: personal and financial problems, lineup changes, searching for label etc. In the end, it was worth of it. Until now we got many positive reviews on various webzines, magazines, fanzines… Also reactions from people are really positive. And of course we are more than happy because of that, we were waiting for this for almost 10 years.

2. Could you tell us a little bit about the album lyrical concept? Why the album has title “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi”? Could we say that the album is divided into two parts: first part inspired by World War I and second part inspired by Slavic mythology and tradition?

Uff, it’s hard for me to explain lyrics… “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi” is the sentence that Bulgarian general said when he saw breakthrough of Serbian army on Salonika Front (Macedonian Front). The title also is a metaphor which represents Wolf’s Hunger and our returning on the scene after many years of silence. Our first plan was to make record completely dedicated to World War I and to release it on 100 years anniversary. But, due to the whole parody which happened regarding celebration of that event we decided to avoid that and made mix of WWI and Slavic-inspired lyrics.

“Lešinari će slaviti moje ime” tells about returning of our army after Albanian Golgotha… That heart, passion, cry of those people for returning on their soil… I was inspired by those GREAT people. I cannot imagine what have they passed both physically and mentally. We are not worth to hold a candle for them…Glory to the heroes!

For “Rusija” there is no need for explanation. Song that is written straight from the heart and represents love towards that country and its people. While I was writing “Rusija” I was reading book “Seobe” from Milos Crnjanski, and probably that also inspired me to write lyrics, not only “Rusija” but also some other songs on the album.

“Vostani Serbie” should be in my opinion our national anthem and it perfectly tells what should we do in this crappy times.

“Egzekutor” doesn’t have any connection with WWI, and it describes shits that happened during the 90’s. We had bunch of criminals, war profiteers that didn’t have any military honor, bravery and could not compare to the soldiers of WWI. I tried to come inside their mind and their way of thinking.

“Kult rata(Gvozdeni puk)” tells about Serbian famous “Iron regiment” – it’s one of the most known regiment, famous for their bravery and military skills. For this song we made a video thanks to our good friend(and also former Wolf’s Hunger drummer) Vladimir Milovanovic. He also did artwork for the album.

“U vatri sazdan”, “Rod” i “Slava gromu” are songs which is not necessary to explain in depth. Those tracks are inspired by Slavic mythology and heritage.

3. How did you end up on Symbol of Domination from Belarus? Are you satisfied with their work?

When we finished whole process of recording we sent demo to many different labels. We got couple of smaller offers and most of them we didn’t like because they were offering us releasing album on CD-R/cassette in some small quantity… When we sent demo to Alexey (Satanath records) he answered to us couple of days later with positive answer. He decided to release the album on Symbol of Domination which is sub-label of Satanath records. All in all, we are very satisfied with SOD and their work and hope we’ll cooperate in the future!

4. I have to return back a little bit into 2001. when band was officially formed. Could you tell us a little bit about your beginnings? Who were your influences back then?

Ufff… It was long time ago. We were kids back then 15-17 years old. We officially started with rehearsals in 2002.but idea to form a band existed before. Mostly, Dovla, Veljko and me would gather and playing something until we made something that would sound good. I had a band Divinator and Dule(first singer of WH) and Veljko had band called Balrog. They made first tracks on cassette recorder. So for example song “Seed of power” became “U vatri sazdan”, parts of the song “Pagan pride” were later used for “Slava gromu”. So, some of those riffs were 15 years old, and were waiting to be recorded.
In summer 2002. band Altair’s Stone was born and first line up was: Dovla, Veljko, Djus, Dule and me. Songs like “Krv moja srpska”, “Field of the blackbirds” and “Rujanske gore” are the ones that were first recorded. Shortly after we changed the name of the band into Wolf’s Hunger.
Our influences were(and still are) bands like Darktrhone, Immortal, Enslaved, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Metallica… Dovla was the biggest fan of thrash metal so we had also influences from bands like Sepultura, Pantera…For all three of us(Dovla, Veljko and me) it was important to make powerful riff and that was all. It was important for us to be strong and 101% metal.

5. I was always curious, what’s the story behind band’s name? What does it mean?

According to some beliefs, wolf represents totem of Serbian people. Hunger of wounded wolf was metaphor for hunger of our people for justice and revenge due to a couple of decades of mutilation because of different circumstances. When the beast is hungry then it’s the most dangerous. It does nothing to lose, it is led by pristine anger. There comes the name of the band. It’s something that forces you to fight! That’s the Wolf’s Hunger!

6. Let’s get back to the period of your first demo “Thunders of Perun are back” could you tell us something about that period. My first touch with the band was review in Metal express magazine. Although I didn’t have a chance to listen to that record(internet wasn’t spread too much in that period) I was pretty sure that it’s something for my taste :)

Recording process of “Thunders…” was making our child dreams come true. We weren’t 100% satisfied with the result, for example our singer Velja was disappointed because it didn’t sound like “At the heart of winter” from Immortal – ahaha. That demo has raw power which will later become our trademark. Drums were played almost in a punk-way, arrangements were straightforward. We really didn’t know how will metalheads react, because it was “weird”. We got support from our friends and other metal bands from our hometown, but still we weren’t sure how people are going to react. We thought it’s not going to be enough “black” for black metal fans, but soon people recognized what we wanted to make: pure, strong and aggressive metal. National and Slavic themes were there since the beginning and it will be as long as WH exists. In that time those themes were something new and fresh on our scene. Nebosa Lakic(journalist of Metal express), wrote really positive review and gave us wind in a back to continue working.

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7. After “Thunders…” your next release was split with a band Posmrtna Liturgija, “Zemlja moja u plamenu je”.

Yes “Zemlja moja…” was released first as a demo but then it appeared on split with Posmrtna Liturgija, released by Grom records. For a long time it’s not possible to get from both label and bands, because we didn’t release too much copies of it. We learnt some things about recording and sound, so that release sounds better than “Thunders of Perun are back”.

8. Although Serbian mythology and history is interesting and wealthy, our metal bands rarely use it for their lyrics. It’s hard to number enumerate on one hand bands that are singing about Serbian history and tradition. How did you come to that to sing about mentioned themes?

Serbian history and Slavic mythology was always part of WH. We always liked bands such as Enslaved, and also band Storm(side project of Fenriz) had huge impact on us. For us it was great that metalheads want to give an honor to their history and identity of their people. We thought: ”Man, why no one writes about Serbian pagan heritage”. Of course, The stone, and couple of smaller acts already did it before, we didn’t reinvented the wheel. But we were confident that it will sound powerful. We wanted that metalheads identify themselves with gods such as Perun, Svarog if they already listen to a bands that sing about Odin or Thor.

9. Osveta u krvi (Retaliation in blood). My first step in metal underground. I ordered that CD although I didn’t heard any song from it. Simply I knew it’s for me :)

Well, “Osveta” was recorded in not so ideal circumstances. We were rushing too much, and some songs we recorded “with force”, making song in studio together. Atmosphere wasn’t great, but in the end, the album sounds pretty fine, we have couple of strong songs, and couple of not so good ones. Extenuating circumstance was that drummer was Milos who perfectly understood WH music even before he became member of the band. In my opinion, his style is perfect for WH. He was playing simply, clean and aggressive. All music was written by Veljko, Dovla and me. For example, Dovla made one of the best songs of WH “Put za Irij”. When we finally get CD in our hands feeling was amazing. I remember that we drank a lot that night when we celebrated release. Album was released again for Grom records, it was sold out quickly, and we also become recognized in worldwide underground. Beautiful period but also unfortunately beginning of the end of the band.

10. Why did you split up in 2009.

Cosa nostra.

11. Reunion gig in 2009. I was pretty sick, it was cold December but I had to come to watch WH. I remember that I only watched Kozeljnik and WH and after that I went home although there were some bigger acts that night. Atmosphere on that gig was amazing…

Ufff, that was a crazy gig. On that gig it was completely new WH lineup, with Milos (drums), Rale (guitar), Milos (guitar) and me. Really morbid and drunk night. Black hole in my head.

12. Since Arkona (Russia) is one of my top 3 bands of all time, I must ask you about your gig with them in 2010. when you were support band. How was that gig, did you have chance to talk with them and hear their impressions about your music?

Uff, honestly we didn’t have a chance to talk too much. They came tired because they were waiting too much on Serbian border and we were pissed off because our national football team lost important match from Australia on World cup.

13. Ok I guess that would be all. What are you future plans?

Now after we release the album, we are planning to go on 2 tours, soon we will announce all. For the end of this interview, I would like to thank to all the people who have supported WH through all these years. For those who are not familiar with our music, we encourage you to check out our new release. Metal up brothers \m/ \m/

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