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1. Regards Pentagramator! First of all, I’m really honored to finally do a little chat with you. Terrorhammer is one of rare bands that really blow me away from the first listening. Simple, raw, dirty black metal that kicks you in the face from the very first second. I don’t want to bother you too much with historical details so if it’s not problem to you tell us shortly about most important events in Terrorhammer’s history?

Hailz! We started playing unofficialy in a time around 2007-2008 if I recall it correctly. Back then under a different name we played in a style closer, to something known as black/thrash metal. In 2010 we changed our name to Terrörhammer and started composing the material for “Vintage Black Mass” EP which came out in 2012. Our vocalist / bassist left the band in 2013 after which we reorganized our lineup and recorded “Noc Paklenog Gneva” single in 2014. Shortly afterwards once again we enter the studio this time to record our first full-length album “Under the Unholy Command” which finally got released in 2015.

2. Could you tell us who are now members of Terrörhammer? If I’m not wrong Terrörhammer is now Serbian/Russian group.

So far, the band’s very core was being compromised of me and B.B.K. Necro Doctor. For the live shows at this point I am joined by two new members. The first one is Noersyl Skept on drums, a Russian coming from the bands such as Not Last Rise, Deathmoor, Thou Shalt Fall and The Initiation. The second member is known as Necroterrör assuming the position of a basist, he is from Finland, previously linked with bands like Cadaveric Incubator, Slugathor, Excrement and more.

3. My first touch with Terrörhammer was EP “Vintage Black Mass”, which blowed us all away. From this distance how are you satisfied with that material? Although it’s short(only 20 minutes long) it seems to me that it opened you many doors.

“Vintage Black Mass” is a material we composed and recorded fully unburdened by expectations and I guess people felt that honest vibe. Like always we did a record that would foremost serve our personal taste, a record we would like to spin a hundered of times for ourselves. The results matched our goals and the audience quickly started praising the release upon it’s release. The rest is history I think.

4. Your debut album “Under the unholy command” has been released almost one year ago. Till now, I didn’t see any bad reviews. How are you satisfied with it(response from media and fans, label etc.)?

“Under the Unholy Command” got much more reviews than the previous release, a fact probably connected with the promotional policy of Deathrune Records. Heavy Forces Records previously had a different approach which I never minded, since it had it’s effect and importance especially when were just stepping on the scene.
Frankly speaking, we’re not exclusively dependent upon what media writes about us, but it’s definetelly a pleasant thing to see someone praising your efforts and devotion. The great majority of these reviews were positively evaluating the release, a thing we always welcomed.


5. Could you tell us something about process of recording the debut? How much time did it take you? If I’m not wrong, you wrote most of the material.

Initially I wrote all the music and lyrics on “Under the Unholy Command”. Subsequently I rearranged and further refined the tracks with B.B.K. and Honza “Butcher” Kapak so that a material would get more of a collective feeling to it. We started recording the album with Butcher recording drums in his own “Hellsound Studio” in Czech Republic and then the rest of us continuing to record in Serbia. The whole process took us not more than 6 six months, this amount of time mostly caused by Butcher’s professional obligations within the studio. The album was mixed in Wormhole Studios, Serbia with me taking care behind the mixing desk. I recall not more than 2-3 weeks of mixing sessions, enough to retain the live atmosphere of the recording.

6. Where do you get inspiration for writing lyrics?

I get inspired my many things and sources when I write, for Terrörhammer those were so far mostly: religion, witchcraft, mythology, history, personal experiences etc. These sources reflect in our lyrics by forming the themes such as: blasphemy, supremacy of evil, hate, grave desecration, armageddon, perversion, misanthropy, war and many more with all of them pointed around the cult of Devil.

7. Speaking of lyrics, you know, my favourite song of Terrörhammer is “Noc paklenog gneva” the only song written in Serbian. Are there any plans for writing lyrics in Serbian again? In my opinion, singing in non-english language gives some kind of unique atmosphere to black metal.

“Noc Paklenog Gneva” is a song specially written in honour of Czech gods of underground black metal, those being Master’s Hammer and Root. We used Serbian language as a part of our own local cultural context to recreate that unique atmosphere that slavic language gaved to the early recordings of these Czech cults. I agree with you, since Serbian language really does create a unique feeling when used in extreme music and many people from abroad were asking about this lyrics since it sounded very strange and interesting for them. At the moment there are no plans to write more in Serbian, but ofcourse never say never in this case.

8. How often do you play live and is there any chance to bring rest of the gang to Serbia to finally see one Terrörhammer ritual live?

Right now, we are finalizing our preparations for a 2-day mini tour in Russian Far East for the beginning of October. I guess when this interview will be out we would be already back from the east. In December we are scheduled to play on “Black’n’Thrash Madness” festival in Dresden, Germany. At the time being we are negotiating a possible tour in United Kingdom supposed for 2017, but more details shall be announced when we have the things fully arranged.

Terrörhammer haven’t played in Serbia since Darkness Rising Fest in 2013, I think we will play again in Serbia for sure, it’s just a matter of time and proper organization.

9. I know that, beside Terrörhammer, you play in couple of other bands. Could you tell us something about those bands and their current status?

Yes, beside Terrörhammer I prefer playing with several other bands & projects.

One of my oldest and probably the first serious band that I ever started playing with is All My Sins. We haven’t played together like for 11 years until recently when we reawakened the old forgotten cult and recorded a brand new material rooted in the tradition of southern slavic black metal mysticism. Our comeback EP “Lunar / Solar” is supposed to be out this autumn on Black Death Production from Polland.

At the moment I play bass for the live shows of Ulvdalir and will be playing on the upcoming full-lenght which is currently taking it’s shape.

There is one more project with international names that we have been already working for some time. The material is close to it’s completion, I’ll not speak much about it at the moment, except that the it’s concept might be quite interesting to audience so as the personalities standing behind it.

10. For the end please tell us your plans for the future.

We have been already spending some time in the studio working on the new material of Terrorhammer. On this occasion I can exclusively announce that we’ll be releasing two splits shortly, the first one being with mexican speed punks Acidez and second with brazilian maniacs from Whipstriker. Label(s), release date and formats shall be announced very soon. Apart from it, we are working on the upcoming full-lenght as well and if everything goes well ,we’re supposed to hit the studio for it during the course of next year.

11. Bro, that is all. Thanks a lot for taking time to answer to my questions. I’ll leave you to close this interview any way you want.

Thank you for your time, support and interest in Terrorhammer! Stay underground!

Shortly the heavenly halls will storm the wrath!