Sacramental blood – Ternion Demonarchy


Band: Sacramental blood
Album: Ternion Demonarchy
Label: Ghastly Music/Miner recordings
Year: 2016.
Genre: death metal
Country: Serbia

Serbian death metal division is finally striking with full force! After couple of demos and splits, dozens of gigs, appearances with many legendary acts, Sacramental blood are finally bringing us their long awaited, first full length album. Honestly I thought that this day would never come, since we are waiting for the debut for more than 10 years. Was “Ternion Demonarchy” worth of this long waiting? Absolutely yes!

From the very first second “Ternion Demonarchy” attacks you with cruel force, ripping your flesh and crushing your bones. Guitar duo Dobrosavljevic/Todorovic blows out neck snapping riffs burst from every second of the release, while solos are bringing diabolical atmosphere. The drumming on “Ternion Demonarchy” is stunningly precise, giving tremendous amount of energy and knocking down poor listener. Vocals are ruthless and aggressive and they could be best described as John Tardy(Obituary) meets Patrick Mameli(Pestilence). Every song is highly powerful, so by the end of the album you will feel like as tank battalion just ran over your body.

Sacramental blood are paying homage to the old school death metal, but the production is modern and perfectly done. Also, I must mention great artwork(done by Mr. Juanjo Castellano Rosado) which perfectly corresponds to both music and philosophy of Sacramental blood.

To sum up, Sacramental blood delivered us 36 minutes of blitzkrieg intensity, crunching riffs and monstrous drum work. If you want to hear some great old school death metal, pick up this album immediately. Guys welcome back! I really hope we won’t wait too long for your next effort!