Nemesis (Serbia)



1. Hello girls, let’s start this interview with standard question, how did the band started Nemesis and which events have influenced the formation of the band, etc.?

It all happened spontaneously. Sanja and Aleksandra wanted to form a band which would play Arch enemy, they invited Selena and after couple of beers realized that it would be great to form female band. Then Selena invited Anja, and Tijana joined the band later.

2. Based on band name and style that you play I would say your main influence is Arch Enemy. What are other bands that had influence on your work?

Each of us listens to different genres that complement our work, but if we have mention some important bands beside Arch Enemy then it would be In flames, Kreator, Death and Pantera.

3. For a quiet short time you have got great attention from domestic metal population. Did you expect such huge feedback?

Honestly, we didn’t expect. We’re very positively surprised by the reaction of the audience on our first single. We believed that it would be interesting to people, due to the fact that only couple of bands in our country play this genre and because we are all female metal band. Our idea was, and still is, to make our own songs, because we believe that we have a message which we want to spread to the audience.

4. How often do you play live? Do you play covers on your gigs or only your own stuff?

The frequency of our performances depends on the season of concerts. We used to play often but now it’s less frequent due to a fact that a lot of clubs are closed. On our concerts we are playing both our own stuff nad covers. We are playing covers because we think that our songs are still not so close to wider audience.

5. Currently you have couple of your own songs. Do you have some plans to start working on a debut album?

At the end of the year we are planning to enter to the studio and record our first album. If we stick with the plan, the album can be expected in spring 2017. We will soon release our first EP and we hope it’ll be accepted well.

6. Thanks a lot for your time! I wish you all the best in your future work! Any message for the readers?

Thank you also for your time. No matter how old are you or which gender are you, you should never give up from the rebel spirit which metal music brings. We are living in time which has a tendency to swallow and destroy everything which on it’s way.