The Moon and the Nightspirit (Hungary)


1.Regards Mihaly how are you these days? What’s going on in The moon and the nightspirit crew?

Everything is fine with us. Right now we are preparing for a smaller tour with Irfan -and also our first time show in Serbia- to present the songs from our freshly released album, Metanoia and we will also play at several festivals in the summer. Exciting times ahead.

2.For the first time you will play here in Serbia and we are looking forward to it! But it seems to me that fans don’t know too much about your band so could you introduce us a little bit with TMATN.

We’re looking forward to it as well and are very excited, as this will be our first time in your country. For those who don’t know anything about our band, i would say The Moon and the Nightspirit plays a kind of ritual fairy music, some call it pagan-folk. It is a spiritually infused and nature oriented acoustic music interpreted with violins, acoustic guitars, female vocals, piano and ethnic instruments, percussions.

3.“Metanoia” was released not too long ago. How would you describe the album to our readers? What can fans expect?

Metanoia is inspired by shamanistic view of life in a way that we are all part of a greater consciousness and all soul’s ultimate goal is to achieve oneness with the source. This time we experimented more with expanding our musical approach and creating something new. I would describe this album as a collection of melancholic, meditative sometimes ritualistic and playful songs that revolve around the transcendental theme of deeper understanding and the hidden truth.

4.Album has been released via Prophecy records. How did you get in touch with them and are you satisfied by their work? Are you satisfied by the reactions so far?

Prophecy is a great and exceptional label. We always loved their releases actually some of our all-time favourite albums came out under their wings (Tenhi, Arcturus…). So it was a great honour and joy for us to sign a long-term contract with them. We are absolutely satisfied with their work so far as they are open to all our ideas and give us a full freedom of artistic expression. They also help us to reach a different kind of audience.

5. Could you tell us something about lyrics in general, what are they about? What inspires you to write lyrics?

The songs of Metanoia -both lyrically and musically- revolve around the theme of spiritual awakening, the returning to innocence and purity. Metanoia is a metaphysical expression, meaning: returning to the original and pristine path to a golden age of spirituality and unity. This is the turning point, when the inner spiritual eye opens. Metanoia means the realization of a higher consciousness, a source of unity. The realization that we are all part of the same source, a unity with Nature, the starry Universe and with our own divine self.

6. Is there any story behind the name of the band – The moon and the nightspirit?

We wanted a name full of expressions. In our case Moon symbolizes the magical, mystical aspect of nature, the world of dreams, the starry kingdom of beauty and innocence. Nightspirit is the seeker, the dreamer, searching for the stellar-manifested truth of existence.

7. You are using various instruments, some of them are not well known. So could you tell me how do you decide which instrument are you going to learn/use in song? What is the most important thing when you decide to use some instrument?

We are constantly searching for new and interesting instruments and trying our best to learn to play them. We are trying to expand our musical world with introducing newer instruments to our music. On Metanoia for example we used a lot of pianos which has added a kind of cosmic and crystalline atmosphere, and also a lot of jaw-harps which gave the music a shamanistic/ritualistic edge. So we choose our instruments depending on the mood and the general atmosphere we’d like to express.

8.I must confess I was little bit surprised and confused when you wrote me an email, because my fanzine/webzine is metal oriented. But I perfectly remember that you said that you are mostly playing with metal bands and on metal festivals. So what kind of audience is listening to you band?

Yes it’s true, a larger part of our audience are metal fans. I suppose it’s because we also came from this scene and we used to, and still listen to a lot of metal music, and it is somehow manifests in our music as well. We absolutely don’t mind playing on metal festivals or with metal bands.

9. Speaking about music and genres, what are you listening to? What are you favourite bands?

Our all-time favourite is Tiamat:Wildhoney, but we also love the works of Dead Can Dance, or classicals such as Bela Bartók.

10. For the end, do you have some message for Serbian fans? What can we expect on April 23rd.?

We will do our best to make this live show an experience memorable, presenting most of the songs of Metanoia and some older songs as well.

11. Thanks a lot for this opportunity and see you soon!

Thank’s a lot for this interview. I’ve enjoyed answering your questions a lot.

Cheers, Mihaly