Kalevala (Russia)


Inteview with Ksenia Markevich – vocalist of  KALEVALA  – one of the best folk metal bands from Russia.

Website: http://kalevala-folk.ru
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kalevalafolk
Vkontakte: https://vk.com/kalevalla

1. Regards my dear friends! I’m really honored that, due to your European tour and gig in Serbia, I have this opportunity to do interview. It has passed 7 days since your gig in Belgrade, and I’m still thinking about it – it was really great one, lot of positive atmosphere etc… Thanks for great experience :)

Regards!! It has passed enough time after our tour and we are gladly thinking about all those gigs.
We have great memories from Serbia, we’ve received with warm welcome and we remember very well our gig in Belgrade.

2. This was your first European tour where you played in couple of countries. What are you feelings after the tour?

It was great experience for us and we have a lot of great memories from tour. We got big support from all our fans in all cities and countries where we played. Only bright memories left in our minds, it was great to chat and meet many new people.

3. It has passed 3 years since your latest release «Луна и грош». I think it’s your best album in your discography and I listen to in often. From this distance, how are you satisfied with the album and reactions from fans and journalists?

After releasing «Луна и Грош» we have released one EP «Доху я купила» with covers of cossack’s songs and two videos. I must confess that I don’t remember how did journalists accepted it. Many songs from that album are on our setlist and response from fans is always great.

4. What are your plans after this tour? Когда мы можем ожидать что-то новое от вас? Что можно ждать от вашего полноформатника?

Currently, we are working on our new material which will contain, along with usual “metallic” songs, couple of acoustic tracks. Our plan is to start a crowdfunding campaign for recording and releasing new album.

kalevala15. Next year you are celebrating 10 years of existence. Do you have any plans for releasing some official DVD or it’s too early to talk about things regarding anniversary?

Ha ha ha, no need for rushing my friend. :) Next year we will celebrate ninth birthday!
We will celebrate it like usual – with big solo concert in our hometown Moscow and after that maybe we’ll go on tour.
In regarding our DVD, we already had some plans but still it’s too early to talk about official release. Maybe on ten year anniversary. :)

6. Nikita and Ksenia – you two are main composers in the band. What inspires you to write lyrics/music? What kind of music are listening to members of Kalevala?

Love and nature inspires us! It’s pretty hard for every musician to explain HOW does he/she writes songs… It’s impossible to systematize!
Every band member has it’s own unique taste, but probably most popular genre among us is good old thrash.

7. Pagan/folk metal is now really popular in Russia, you have tons of great bands currently! What do you think about it’s popularity in last couple of years? Could you recommend us some band?

In Russia, music with folk influences was always popular. The real magic happened when it merged with metal! There is festival in Russia “Folk Summer Fest” which is held every year and it gathers representatives of folk/pagan metal scene and also there are couple of foreign headliners like Korpiklaani, Darliada, Tanzwut… We always participate on that festival and we are glad to share the stage with bands such as «Тролль Гнет Ель», «Аркона», «Мельница» and many others….

8. Dear friends, thanks for your time! I hope we will meet again soon! Do you have any message for fans of your music?

We heartily thank you for the interview! I hope we will meet again on some our gig in Belgrade(Serbia). To everyone out there, I wish a lot of good music, listen to folk metal, listen to metal and be happy!