Jenner (Serbia)



1. Regards girls! For the beginning, could you tell us a little bit about history of your band?

Aleksandra(guitar): Regards Vidoje! There is a long story about the origin of the band. The band was formed by me(Aleksandra guitar), and my sister Marija (drums) back in December 2013, but the idea has been around since the beginning of the year. Since I have played bass guitar in one female band, I decided to switch to guitar, because at that time it was impossible to find a female guitar player who knows how to play. After that, our friends Andjelina(vocals) and Jana(bass) joined the band and we started working. After one year of work, Jana was replaced by our current bass player Mina, and then we immediately started working on our own songs. I have to mention that our drummer is currently on maternity leave, so currently Selena Simic(from the band Nemesis) is playing drums, and we impatiently waiting for the return of Marija.

2. Could you explain us the name of the band? How did you came up to it?

A: I came up to that name when I was in high school. In a book of microbiology I found a fact that Dr Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine against smallpox. I immediately liked it, so I drew the logo and that was it. However, these days we are faced with the problem of famous american family Jenner, so I’m using this opportunity to emphasize that the name of the band has nothing to do with them!

3. In the beginning, you were oriented towards heavy/glam metal sound, but later you switched on speed/thrash metal. What was the reason for this change in sound?

A: Our first plan was to play pure heavy metal. Over time, as we have made progress in playing and our musical tastes were changing, we wanted to play something faster and stronger. Of course, our work is also influenced by Serbian thrash bands which helped us a lot, our producer Luka Matkovic, and foreign speed/thrash metal bands like Overkill, Anthrax, Megadeth whose songs we are still playing on our gigs.

4. Currently, only couple of your songs are available. When can we expect your debut album? Do you have any info regarding the debut?

A: It’s true, currently only two songs from our demo are available: “Hear the thunder roar” and “On the judgment day”. Album is still in the process of recording and we are searching for a record label. It will contain 8 powerful songs and we are also planing to shoot a video. On our previous gig, we played new song “Demon’s call”, and I must say that audience accepted it great.

5. Thanks a lot your time! We are impatiently awaiting your debut album! I leave you to finish the interview.

A: Thank you, it was an honor! We invite all people to come to our next gig  where we will support Brazilian band Nervosa, with bands Nemesis, Wolf’s hunger and War-head.  The concert will be held on Thursday, June 23rd 2016 in club Les enfantes terribles – Grozna deca, Bulevar Vojvode Bojovica 5. Greetings from band Jenner!