Digimortal (Russia)


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1. Hello Digimortal! For the beginning could you tell us something about the band: who are members of the band, when did you start playing … What does it mean and why Digimortal?

Hello! DIGIMORTAL – is the name of one of Fear Factory’s album. We liked the idea of combining words Digital and Mortal, living organism in the digital space. We started to play in 2004. The only original member is one person -SERDJ – the frontman of the group (vocals and keyboards). Most of the guitar parts he recorded, so the style of the band till the present day is saved and in some way unique. Digimortal has 5 members – MIRAN(drums), CHE(bass), BORDO(guitar, butfrom 2007 to 2015 – he was drummer) and ALEXEY(guitar), and of course vocals/keyboards – SERDJ.

2. Last year, you released your fifth album called “Children of the Galaxy”. Are you satisfied with the album? How did audience and media received it? What’s the difference between your new album from the previous ones?

The album has more softer sound, but we kept core of our sound. We recorded it at our own studio and are satisfied with the result. Fans, of course, received it as anything new – some were sceptic, some were happy and satisfied. But the increase of our fan base shows that we have achieved a new audience, and we are very satisfied by that.

3. Could you explain to us the meaning of the songs from the album?

Each song has it`s own story . Children of galaxy – that`s human race, that`s us. For all the greatness of the human race, comparing with the universe we are very small. We have many religions, wars, attitudes and vices. And love, that unites nations. All of that can be heard in the songs of the album “Children of the Galaxy”.

4. This album you have released by yourself? Is it hard for you to manage album alone, without any label etc.?

Yes, we released on our own with the help of our fans – they are our sponsors. Today, there is no heavy metal music industry. There is a big pop-machine led by group of “talented” people who decide what should we listen and what should not … And we are alone, together with our fans, making history together, and honestly, we don`t need to be “stars” etc

5. And what are your plans regarding your shows? You recently had tour in Russia. Is it possible to organize tour in other countries in Europe?

Yes, the tour recently ended, it was fun. Regarding Europe – it`s more complicated. It requires a lot of financial risks and we are not ready for that yet. Opportunities are always there, the only question is our investment going to be “returned”.

6. What kind of music do are you listening to? What are your favorite bands?

All musicians have different groups. No common idols as well. Each contributes to their preferences and get we get mix, which is not similar to any group, that is a fact.

7. Please tell us about your plans for the future.

We plan to continue working in spite of everything that’s going on. We want to release one more video and start working on new material for the 6th album.

8. My dear friends, that’s all. Thank you very much for your answers and great music! Do you have any message for the fans?

We would like to thank to our fans and you for your interest, and we can only wish to meet you all face to face one day on DIGIMORTAL concerts! THANK YOU!