All My Sins (Serbia)



1. Regards V, for the beginning I must say: welcome back All my sins! You returned on the scene suddenly from nowhere with brand new EP! When have you decided to reactivate band again?

V: Regards to you and your readers as well. Although to some it might seem like a sudden return to the scene, for us it was rather a slower process that started with me and Nav Cosmos considering about revisiting a rehearsal place together, in the beginning fully unpretentious, just for the sake it. The idea then turned into the initiative to record a song or two, still nothing officially. As our inspiration and plans started to multiply, we realized that in this process we actually reawakened the band and all that was left was to work further more on finalizing our concept and to start pointing it officially towards the public.

2. Ok we must talk a little bit about your activities before you split up. I started listening metal and following Serbian scene somewhere in the beginning of 2000’s and I remember that you were pretty active in that period. Could you tell us something about that period when you started the band and your first two EP’s? What was the reason for stopping all activities?

V: Conditionally speaking, All My Sins belonged to the wave of black metal that sprang on the Serbian scene in the beginning of 2000s. Back in that time, underground black metal was quite popular in Serbia and almost every city had it’s own representative in the genre. For some people nostalgic times or not, it had it’s good and bad sides just as always. The scene was flooded with majority of mediocre bands, but at the same time there was a lot audience which gave us the opportunity to play live very often. I left All My Sins in 2004 and continued my activities with Bethor and Dead Shell of Universe while the rest of the band actually never split, but was rather not much active in discography during the course of these years.

3. Couple of months ago I was really surprised when I heard that you are starting to work again. You brought us new EP titled “Lunar / Solar” with two songs + intro and outro. Could you tell us something about the lyrical/musical concept of the EP? If I’m not wrong those songs were created couple of years ago?

V: I would need to correct you since all the material on “Lunar / Solar” is new and reflects the present course within the band. The only exception to this is a song called “Pod Mesecom Prastari Hrast” in which some of the basic ideas originate back to 2003. The final version was pretty much reinterpreted, practically transformed into a new song and thus given an a feeling of an actual atmosphere within All My Sins. As for the thematic concept of EP, the material is divided in two parts, the first one representing the obscure lunar side of the material, while the other one is more luminous showcasing the solar spectre of EP. By following the tradition of our earlier recordings, new material is dedicated to the Sky as a mythological being, with the ideas of vanishing, going beyond and dying being a main theme pervading the material. The Sky therefore is represented as a mythological mediator with the transcendence to which the spirit of the material has been pointed to.

4. I suppose this EP is just introducing metal community your work and that you are preparing full length album. So could you tell us what are your plans regarding first full length album?

V: Full-length is in the works, but at the time being there is not much to speak about it since it’s still in the early stage. I’ll just say that the concept will be based and dedicated to the Wolf as a mythological being.

5. Any plans for live activities and promoting “Lunar/Solar”?

V: There are talks about it, still nothing confirmed. We are working on to gather a lineup for the live shows, perhaps something might occur in 2017.

6. Thanks a lot V for your time, any message for the end?

V: Thank you for the support and interest you show in All My Sins! Hails!