Alkonost (Russia)



1. Regards my friends! Congratulations on your newest record “Песни белой лилии”. Could you present us your new album? What’s the main difference between «Песни белой лилии» and your previous record «Tales of Wanderings» released two years ago?

Andrey(guitar): Thanks! Album«Песни белой лилии» – is our most romantic album so far, but at the same time it’s also our heaviest record. Originally, it was dedicated to the magic of water in all it’s forms and when we started writing music we have tried to bring full range of emotions towards this magical element.  But then we added more air to the album, which brought breath of the forests and themes became wider and diverse.
«Tales of Wandering» is the album which closes one entire epoch of our creativity, the epoch of our discovery and self-improvement and it’s direct continuation of the album «On the Wings Of the Call». On that record there are many nostalgic tunes. «Песни белой лилии», is our new life and our new form. It sounds much brighter and exciting. I think this is our rising both creatively and emotionally.

2. Could you tell us a little bit about your lyrics? What are they dealing with?

Andrey: There are different themes on it, most of them are small tragedies and at the same time there are songs about different emotions and ordinary experiences. All lyrics are written by our poet Mare Mirkie. I wrote music inspired by old folk legends and tales. Then we sent music written in our home studio to our poet and she wrote lyrics inspired by our music. I will not explain them all, it’s better for listeners to hear and read them.

3. You released album on your own, why? Alkonost is one of the most famous folk metal bands from Russia, I’m pretty sure that you could find easily some label.

Andrey:We went on a same path as Iron Maiden, band that is also releasing albums by themselves. Labels nowdays don’t fulfill tasks and are not solving problems with musicians like they did in 80’s, 90’s etc. I think it’s more effective that we do promotion of our product. And we believe that our album is step forward. Follow the news!

4. Let’s talk a little bit about the history of Alkonost. Tell us about the most important moments in the history of Alkonost?

Andrey:Band was formed in 1994-1995. when I started preparing and recording material for future project. That material exists today, all is saved on cassetes etc. Another important step was in 1996.when I found people with same way of thinking: Alexey Polhovskiy(soon we’ll release some recordings we made with him) and Alexey Solovev of course. In that period we also gave name to the band Alkonost. And year after year some important event happened. In 1997.we recorded our first demo «Shadows of Glory» and colaborated with label «Beverina». In 1998. our first drummer Vladimir Lushin joined. In 1999.our keyboard player Almira Fathullina joined and we released our first full length album «Songs of eternal oak». In 2000. we made our first video for the song «Years of Prophecy». Same year, Alena Pelevina(vocals) joined in Alkonost and we also had new drummer Anton Chepigin. In 2005.we went on Russian tour with our friends from Rossomahaar. In 2007. we had our tour in Ukraine and after that tour we had couple of gigs with Arkona in Slovakia and Czech republic. In 2009. we had European tour and played in countries like Holland, Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland and Slovenia. In 2012.there were couple of lineup changes and we had new singer Ksenia Pobuzhanskaya which is our main vocalist for all these years. And of course this year is very important for us because we released our new album «Песни белой лилии» with new members Rustem Shagitov and Pavel Kosolapov, and this record strongly differs from our previous releases. For us it’s revolutionary in every aspect. Hopefully, it will be interesting to you.

5. And what are your plans for your gigs? Is it possible to organize a tour in other European countries?

Andrey:In the autumn we will visit Poland and Germany. That will be our first European shows after long break, and we are very excited. Of course we are interested to play in any corner of the world. Wherever someone invite us, we will come and play.

6. Do band members have any other projects/bands? If yes, could you tell us about them?

Andrey:Yes there are. Rustem(bass) plays guitar in a band Baradj. Band was formed in 2004 in the city of Elbug(Tatarstan). Main goal of that project is popularization of nacional tatar culture. It’s mix of folk melodies of that epoch with metal sound, and lyrics are covering history and mythology of bulgarians.
Pavel(guitars/vocals) plays in bands:
Band Sha ( – formed in two main composers Alexander Noskov and Arkadiem Afanasev and Pavel is guitarist. Band plays mixture of folk, ethno, progressive-rock/blues. Lyrics are dealing with themes such as freedom of spirit, nature, world that surronds us etc.
Band Fox’n’Fox ( plays classic hard-rock inspired by bands that played in glorious days of that sound during 1960-1970’s. Band is inspired by bands such as Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath. Band used to play covers but now they are preparing their own material.

7. Could you tell us something about your plans for the future.

Andrey:Currently we are recording acoustic versions of our songs. Part of the music for the new album is already done and we are preparing lyrics for them. Also we are preparing scenario for our new video, it’s complicated process because we don’t want to make “ordinary” video. We want to make something exciting and interesting.

8. My dear friends that would be all. Thanks a lot for your answers and beautiful music! Do you have any message for fans? 

Andrey:Friends!!! We released our new album «Песни белой лилии» dedicated to the fans of heavy metal, fans of folk, fantasy and also for romantic people. Be with us. Thanks for your support! And thank you Marena fanzine for supporting us! Regards Serbia!