Abrin (Russia)


Vkontakte: https://vk.com/clubabrin

1. For the beginning could you tell us something about Abrin. Who are the band members, when have you started playing etc.

Regards Marena fanzine, we are ABRIN from Moscow, Russia. Abrin was formed during the 80’s in a golden period of heavy metal music in whole world including USSR. Band was formed by Alexey Zavershnev – producer and manager of the band. Abrin is natural deadly poison which is contained in plant named Abrus precatorius. It’s quite a beautiful plant, and it has an attractive red fruits, but it contains a deadly poison with no antidote.

Abrin began it’s activities in 2010. That “combat unit” was formed by guitarist and main composer Vyacheslav Zavershnev and Alexey Zavershnev. In 2013. in band came vocalist Vahtang Zadiev which gave trademark of the band with his great voice. Relentless riffs and melodies that’s trademark of Abrin. Band plays old school heavy metal with elements of thrash and power metal.

Album “Возврата нет” (2015) is our most successful album so far and it was released by FONO LTD. Album was sold out in 5 months after release date. During these 6 years band released 2 albums and one re-release sang in English language. Members of Abrin are: father and son Zavershnev, Alexey(manager of the band) and Vyacheslav(guitars), vocalist Vahnang Zadiev, drummer Alexander Mavromatidis and Maxim Garanin, bassist of the band. Also we have one session member, guitarist Pavel Voronov – leader of the band Hate in Hands. Pavel used to be our sound engineer in the past.

2. It has passed two years since your last releaase, when can we expect something new from you?

Regarding our new material, currently we are going to limited re-release of the album “Возврата нет” which will be packed in special case with bonus DVD. We are also working on our new album. Probably we’ll first release one song as a single which will present our 3rd album. We hope we’ll present you new song by the end of this year, and hope, next year we’ll publish our 3rd full length album.

3. What are your favourite bands, which influenced your work?

We are listening to the various music but metal is our main focus. Vyacheslav’s favourite bands are: Metallica, Slayer, Destruction, Grave Digger, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, W.A.S.P., Motley Crue. Also later he discovered bands such as Cauldron, Skull Fist, Enforcer, Revenge, White Wizzard. Vahtang(vocals) also likes varous Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Hard Rock, Blues Rock bands. Maxim(bass) likes extreme metal and bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Napalm Death and old school thrash metal. Alexander(drums) likes Alice in chains(grunge,hard), Slayer(thrash), Led Zeppelin(hard), The Doors(blues,psychedelic), Rage against the machine(rapcore,alternative), Johnny Cash(country,dark americana) etc. Pavel(session guitars) also like Maxim likes extreme metal.

4. Who is responsible for writing lyrics and music?

All music was written by Vyacheslav but on the third album participated vocalist Vahtang. Lyrics were written by Oleg Brazhnikov(Moscow), Maria Kluchkova(Saint Petersburg) and Alexander Pashko(Talin).
In the beginning band was more focused on writing music and lyrics were written by other people. That was our experiment.
Album also contains ballad, which is also some kind of experiment. Regarding lyrics, mostly we are singing about war and history. For example song “1939” tells about Soviet-Finland conflict in 1939. We are trying to cover various themes such as: mystical, social, philosophical etc.

5. Style that you play, classical heavy metal, how much is it popular in Russia? In this moment scene in Russia has many folk/pagan and death metal bands. What’s situation with heavy metal?

It’s pretty difficult to explain. There are people who are listening to and support it, but I think it should be much more people. For us it’s not important if people are listening to us or not we simply do what we love. Band is having rehearsals, playing gigs… That’s the thing that we love and we live for that.

6. How often do you play live? What are your plans regarding gigs?

We get a lot proposals for gigs and it’s encouraging. Of course we don’t accept all offers. Recently we had our spring-summer tour in Russia and we also had couple of gigs on bike shows. On December 3rd we will finish this concert season on gig in Moscow with IRON SAVIOR. Currently we negotiate with Tornado from Finland to play 2 shows in Russia with them. And of course if you in Serbia call us, we would like to play in your country.

7. On your debut “Мир зла” you were singing in Russian but 2 years later you re-released that album and sang in English. Your second full length “Возврата нет” you were singing again in Russian. What are your plans for the future, are you going to sing in English or Russian?

On the album “Мир Зла”(2012) our singer was Kriss Kauron, but shortly after release he left the band due to a personal problems. His replacement was Vahtang which came into the band when we didn’t complete our album “Возврата нет”. We had luck because Vahtang he speaks english really good and he doesn’t have accent. So we decided to re-release our album “Мир Зла”(2012) and sing it in English. Album is titled “The World of Evil”(2014). We like to experiment also with languages. It’s a fact that rock/metal music was born in western countries and first bands were singing in english language. Later all bands worldwide accepted that. It’s a little bit difficult to sing metal music in Russian language. We are planning to release our new single in english language and probably whole new album will be in English. But of course, we won’t give up from Russian language and probably we’ll have some bonus songs in Russian language.

8. Thanks a lot for your time! Any message for the end?

My friends!!! We wish you a lot of quality heavy metal music!!! Get and listen to our new album, in that way you’ll give us great support. Go to concerts of your favorite bands! We are waiting you on our shows!
Regards from band Abrin!